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HK 1935 Perth - 7:35am
Wiluna - 9:55am
Meekatharra - 11:10am
Mt Magnet - 12:10am
Wiluna - 9:30am
Meekatharra - 10:35am
Mt Magnet - 11:45am
Perth - 1:35pm
- - - - - -
HK 1934 Perth - 11:00am
Wiluna - 1:20pm
Meekatharra - 2:35pm
Mt Magnet - 3:35pm
Wiluna - 12:55pm
Meekatharra - 2:00pm
Mt Magnet - 3:10pm
Perth - 5:00pm
- - - - - -
Mt Magnet Flights

Destination Information

The Mount Magnet township is located 567 kilometres north of Perth, encompasses 13,877 square kilometres in area and has a population of approximately 1,180 people. The township of Mt Magnet lies at the foot of a prominent mount called Warramboo Hill. As is the case in most of Western Australia, pastoral areas have arisen as a direct result of the mining industry, and in this respect, Mt Magnet is no exception.

For at least 20,000 years the Aborigines considered the Mount Magnet region their home. Many years ago very ancient finger paintings from early Aboriginal times were located here. There is also a “Gnamma” hole in this area known to a few local people, this being a traditional native well covered by a stone. Their old carvings and paintings can be seen at several sites at The Granites. The Granites are a popular picnic spot and are situated east of Mt Magnet on the right hand side 4 kilometres or so along the Cue road. Paintings on the rocks at Walganna rocks have been dated at 9,000 years old, making them of a similar age to cave paintings in Europe. The caves formed in the soft granite have fantastically sculptured surfaces formed by the small curved quartz veins in the granite. Several families of the Barimaia tribe still live in the Mt Magnet area.

On the Boogardie Lennonville road there is a very interesting rock formation known locally as the Amphitheatre. For over eighty years it has been used as a local picnic spot and overnight camping area. It is one of those magic places which people say brings them close to nature. It appears to be an ancient waterfall from an older land level, a laterite capped island in space. It was always a great lovers’ trysting place and it has been whispered that a large percentage of Mt Magnet’s population originated from there.

The nearby township of Cue was discovered in 1891and stands as a reminder of the glorious days of the early gold mining era. The Cue Public Buildings are still used substantially for their original purpose and are definitely worth visiting. The Aboriginal rock paintings at Walga Rock just outside Cue are steeped in local history and are of great interest to both museums and visitors to the region. The meteorite crater at Dalgaranga Station, 75 kilometres west of Mt Magnet is also of interest.

Mt Magnet is a well-established town with a colourful history, local characters and many modern services. Comprehensive health and community services, accommodation, education and social services are available in this thriving town. A visit to Mt Magnet will remain with you forever.


Mt Magnet Airport is located 2kms from the centre of the Mt Magnet townsite.

Flight information and reservations call – 1300 729 924

Airport Facilities

  • Public Telephone
  • Public Toilets

Local Attractions

The Mt Magnet Tourist Trail is a 37 kilometer drive taking in sights such as the Amphitheatre, Granites, caves and old mining settlements etc. There are incredible displays of wildflowers (during the season), beautiful picnic places and spectacular rock formations. Visit the Cemetery and imagine the hardship and suffering the pioneers of our beautiful country must have endured. Finish up your day with a visit to the Museum with an assortment of pastoral and mining memorabilia.

Visitors are welcome and Mt Magnet has many parks with barbecue facilities. In March 1985, the Shire completed construction of a sporting complex known as the Railway Recreation Centre which includes a squash court, tennis court, fire brigade training track, children’s playground, grassed oval, basketball and netball courts, and amenities building. Mt Magnet also has a swimming pool, which has recently been upgraded.

The Shire of Mt Magnet has an excellent website with comprehensive information about Mt Magnet, including a photo gallery featuring wildflowers, local sights and attractions.

Visitors Centre

Mt Magnet Tourist Information Centre
Situated in Hepburn Street in the old Ambulance Hall.
Phone: 08 9963 4172

Shire of Mt Magnet
Phone: 08 9963 3000

Very friendly staff, my flight ran on time. Plenty of parking available.

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Always good service while flying on skippers aircrafts by flight attendants

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